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Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine

The Whyte G-160 S is an uncompromising gravity focussed animal, hitting a price point that will not break the bank. Its extreme geometry is perfect for enduro racing and smashing downhill tracks in the woods.


"Whyte sent me the T-130 while I was reviewing a handful of other makes, ranging from enduro monsters to lightweight XC trailbikes. More often than not, it was the Whyte that I reached for when I had the choice".

Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine

For an average rider, the Whyte T-129 is a fun and confidence inspiring bike that will unlock new found speed on flowing terrain – more advanced riders will find the nimbleness and playfulness of the T-129 RS simply electric, rewarding with blistering speed and raw excitement. 

Flow Mountain Bike

"The Whyte G-160 Works has massive appeal for a rider that knows what they want, can forego all-rounder capabilities and appreciates ultimate build quality.

Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine

The Whyte T-130 C RS strives to be the ultimate trail bike. 

WHYTE T-130C Works


“A seriously capable, well balanced bike that encourages you to give it a proper thrashing every time you hit the trail”- MBUK magazine January edition out now. Review now on bikeradar.