Service & Repair

Here at Bikes 'n' Gear we strive for perfection. Our aim is to create a silky smooth bicycle silence


Our Full Service is £60 plus parts

For that we will: 

  • Clean your bike (there may be an extra charge for the real stinkers!)
  • Check & clean chain & cassette (replace if necessary)
  • Check & adjust rear wheel hub (strip and service* if necessary)
  • Check & true rear wheel rim & spokes*
  • Check rear tyre & tube (replace if necessary)
  • Align gear mech hanger (essential for smooth shifting)
  • Check, clean & lube rear mech (replace* jockey wheels if necessary)
  • Check, clean & lube front mech
  • Check & lube gear cables (replace* if necessary)
  • Check & clean chainset (replace* chainrings or chainset if necessary)
  • Check pedals
  • Check & adjust bottom bracket (replace* if necessary)
  • Check rear brake & lube cable (replace* pads or cables if necessary)
  • Set up rear brake (bleed* if necessary)
  • Set up gears
  • Check frame & rear shock if applicable (remove* and send away for service if necessary)
  • Check & adjust front wheel hub (strip and service* if necessary)
  • Check & true front wheel rim & spokes*
  • Check front tyre & tube (replace if necessary)
  • Check front brake & lube cable (replace pads or cables* if necessary)
  • Set up front brake (bleed* if necessary)
  • Check forks & clean stanchions if applicable (remove* and send away for service if necessary)  
  • Check & adjust headset (strip*, clean, re-grease or replace if necessary)
  • Check stem & bars (replace* grips or bar tape if necessary)
  • Check brake levers & lube pivot points
  • Check & clean gear levers
  • Clean & grease (or fiber grip if applicable) seat post if possible
  • Check saddle 
  • Set tyre pressures
  • Test ride

Please note all parts are extra

*There will be an extra labour charge if:

  • Wheel hubs are stripped or serviced
  • Jockey wheels are replaced
  • Gear cables are replaced
  • Chainrings are replaced
  • The bottom bracket is replaced
  • Brakes or brake cables are replaced
  • Brakes are bled
  • The headset is stripped or replaced
  • Bar tape Is replaced
  • Any spokes are replaced
  • Suspension needs to be removed & serviced

We will call you to agree any extra work to be carried out.

Full Strip Down £120 Plus Parts

Everything that's included in a Full Service PLUS we will:

  • Replace gear cables - choice of stainless steel or super slick cables (replace* gear outers if necessary)
  • Replace brake cables - choice of stainless or super slick cables (replace pads if necessary)
  • Remove bottom bracket (replace* if necessary) and clean & chase bottom bracket threads
  • Strip, clean re-grease (or replace if necessary) headset