Our lightest bike ever

Lightness must be controlled. Making a lightweight frame is relatively simple, but making a lightweight one with top-notch performance and riding qualities requires a strong legacy.

The Verticale SLR is the best example of what we have been, and of what we do best: a racing bike that has improved weight over the Wilier 0 SLR - the previous climbing model made by Wilier - by almost 10% (9.73% on the kit comprising frame, fork, handlebars, and seatpost).

1623 g for the Verticale SLR, 1798 g for the 0 SLR.

Lighter weight, greater responsiveness, improved performance levels.
The Verticale SLR is today the best calling card for Wilier, the new generation of the best Italian bicycle manufacturers.

Outstanding carbon

When we address the frame of a climbing bike, the first aspect we need to consider is the raw material used. Using the highest quality composite materials is the starting point to give rise to a project that focuses fully on top-level performance.

For the Verticale SLR, we specifically used 3 types of fibres produced by Toray, a Japanese multinational and leader in the carbon fibre market, especially T800, T1100, and M46JB.

New integrated V-Bar

The handlebar is in carbon monocoque and features a brand-new design weighing approximately 310 grammes.

The first thing that strikes you is the special shape with differentiated handlebar width. If you look at it from the front, the high grip on the controls is narrower at the bottom. This particular shape was devised to provide concrete solutions to the needs of professionals, who season after season scout for optimum aerodynamic solutions which comply with the rules and standards set by the UCI.

There is a trend to narrow it while nevertheless having a wider low grip to guarantee better handling, which is a key requirement when sprinting. The delta between the top and the bottom is 30 mm.

V-Bar, like the other monocoque handlebars in the Wilier range, is also compatible with our other premium bikes. It is available in 6 sizes, 2 with a width of 37/40mm, with 90 and 100mm stems, 4 with a width of 39/42mm, with 110, 120, 130 and 150mm stems.

Lenny Martinez, professional athlete from the Groupama - FDJ Team

"The Verticale is a great bike, especially for me as I am a climber.
It is lighter than the Filante SLR and responds really well when the road starts to climb. As soon as you stand on the pedals it responds really well, as we saw at the Mercan' Tour Classic, which I won with this bike still in its prototype version.
I think it played a big part in that day’s victory. I rode it a little before the race, at home, and I immediately liked it.
It has all the qualities of a good bike, you really feel it when you’re dancing on the pedals or accelerating, and you feel like you’re being propelled forward."

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