The journey never ends

Cycling long distances, alone or with company, away from traffic and the hustle and bustle of modern life. Take everything you need with you. Listening to your body’s rhythm: eating when you need to, sleeping, and savouring every instant. No matter where.

The Adlar Hybrid is the natural development of our gravel platform dedicated to adventure. The DNA is the same as the Adlar with the addition of the central TQ HPR50 motor. The complete power unit weighs just 3.9 kg. The 50 Nm of torque and peak power of 300 W make for a smooth pedal action without jerking. It doesn’t matter if you are simply cycling to the next village or heading towards your first major milestone a few kilometres away from home. To each their own goal.

Adlar Hybrid: setting off and moving the destination a little further.

Adlar soul

Aside from the assisted pedalling, the Adlar Hybrid shares the Adlar’s intended use, carbon fibre frame, geometries and five frame sizes. Only the angle of the head tube has changed from 70° to 69.5°.

Best in class

We entrusted the pedal assistance system to the 1,850 gr of the TQ HPR50 motor. The quietest of off-road riding central motors which also impresses with its compact size and clean-cut design and a much lighter weight than the competition. Not to mention the biomechanical benefits. The Q factor, in other words the distance between the rotation planes of the crank arms, is comparable to that of a Shimano GRX crank set on a conventional bicycle.

Everything at your fingertips

A purpose-designed compartment on the top tube accommodates the 2-inch O-Led display with all the system information and active connections. The three levels of pedal assistance together with the walk mode can be activated using the remote button located on the top of the handlebar.

Your next limitless adventure

The capacity of the TQ HPR50 power unit increases with the 160 Wh bicycle water bottle-shaped range extender with a minimalist connection port. When charging, the power unit automatically detects the presence of the range extender and tops up the battery first followed by the range extender in one operation. Depending on environmental conditions, it takes between 2 to 3 hours to charge fully.

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