Welcome to the All New Website

July 11, 2016

Can you believe it - We purchased Bikes N Gear 4 years ago! I know, i can hardly believe this is now the start of our 5th year. Incredible. And even though the previous owner had an information page, it didn't really have a great deal on it. So i created a website, which at the time, i was pretty pleased with. Roll on 5 years and all of a sudden it was starting to look a little dated - We new we needed a new one and here it is.

So welcome - hopefully you should find it easy to navigate as i've tried to keep it simple. You can buy bikes on it but they need to be collected from the store in Knutsford. We carry a decent selection of bikes but occasionally we need to order them. Some suppliers send them overnight to us, others may take a week. Occasionally certain bikes may be on back order but we will keep you informed all all times.

For a small shop we carry quite a lot of clothing but occasionally we need to order this in too to fulfil your order. That means that clothing orders may take 7 working days to arrive to you. We know this is a bit of a pain but we also know that the quality of the Scott & Mavic clothing is superb so hopefully you'll agree its worth the wait. The reality is we just cant carry all the clothing items from these two manufactures in every colour & every size.