Cento10 Hybrid is the racing bicycle with pedal assist that sets a new, very high, standard for the category. There are so many aspects that make it unique on the market: aerodynamics, total integration, lightness and greater riding safety, just to name a few.

With the Cento1 Hybrid, we already reached a high level of quality in pedal assist racing bikes. Now, with the Cento10 version, we reach heights of construction quality that were unimaginable until a short while ago.

You can redefine the limits of your own experience on a racing bike with with a design and level of integration that make it even more similar than ever to a traditional racing bike.


Although weight was not an issue in the e-bike world until a short time ago, lightness has become a value determining product quality, performance and usability. With Cento10 Hybrid, we have decreased the frame’s weight by 7 %*.Integration, with the integrated monocoque handlebar Alabarda and a lightweight frame that weigh in at just 10,5 kg in the top configuration.

With user, route and use being equal, we can save 4,5 % of the battery charge. This major saving further expands the horizons of Cento10 Hybrid riders.

* compared with a Cento1 Hybrid.


In common with Wilier's other road-racing bikes, all of the Cento10 Hybrid’s cables are integrated inside the frame. We chose this solution not only for its sleeker looks, but also to improve performance. In addition to hiding the cables inside the Alabarda handlebar and the frame, we also improved aerodynamics thanks to the tubes we used on the Cento10 Hybrid.

Smaller volumes, smaller surface area exposed to the air and truncated tail profiles improve aerodynamics by 8 %, with respect to the Cento1 Hybrid.


The Cento10 Hybrid’s on-board intelligence allows riders to determine and overcome their limits, as it assists the cyclist at just the right time. There are several options for using and managing the system. The simplest is using only the iWoc controller which turns the system on and off, and allows the rider to select the desired assistance level simply by pressing the backlit button.

Riders wanting a higher level of interaction with the system can download the EBIKEMOTION app from AppStore or PlayStore to discover the heart of the control system. Version X35+ of the Ebikemotion system uses the ANT+ communication protocol, so it can communicate with the most popular Garmin and Polar devices.


We also studied and improved the bottom bracket to achieve that look typical of a traditional racing bike. The Q Factor and the size of the crankset are identical to those of a Cento10PRO. Thanks to the new configuration, we were able to improve the tightness of the charging outlet. Compared to the previous version, the Cento10 Hybrid’s charging outlet is inclined by 60° from the top tube. So, if it rains or if water gets onto the charging outlet, it flows away without affecting the electrical system.


We significantly improved riding safety with iWoc’s new button configuration. The button is now installed with a support on the handlebar, allowing riders to interact with the Ebikemotion system without having to remove their hands from the handlebar. On the Cento10 Hybrid, riders can both select the assistance level selection and check the battery charge while keeping both hands on the top of the handlebar. On previous models, they had to remove their hand from the handlebar and look down at the button on the top tube.

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