Enter SCOTT’s most technologically advanced bibshorts to date - the SCOTT RC Premium Kinetech™ bibshorts. In order to achieve this we had to rethink our existing bibshort platform and come up with a completely new patterning approach. Our brand-new RC Premium Kinetech Bibshorts will help athletes achieve higher sporting performance due to a unique construction method which eliminates unnecessary seams. Fewer seams lead to a more uniform hold, less weight and greater comfort. Outstanding progressive gradual compression gives extra muscular support and reduces involuntary muscle vibrations. We have also implemented the LOT 'O' DRY™ finish and a new innovative integrated silicone gripper ensuring a firm fit and keeping the short in place.


 Construction - KINETECH™ premium stretch woven fabric with unique DWR LOT 'O' DRY™ finish
Composition - Main fabric: 55% Polyamide 44% Elastane, Insert 1: 85% Polyester 15% Elastane
Fit - Slim
Features - SCOTT ++++ Premium paddingUsing one single piece of fabric per leg with one single seam at the inside of the leg for maximum compression and aerodynamics This unique construction method eliminates unnecessary seams & fewer seams leads to a more uniform hold, less weight, and greater comfort Provides progressive gradual compression for each section of the leg and improves blood circulation Higher muscular support and reduction of the involuntary muscle vibrations Innovative integrated silicon treatment woven in the fabric leads to reduces fabric bulk and secures the shorts in place without any excessive pressure Perforated bib straps offer maximum breathability
Padding - ++++ Premium Padding Men 2019
Size - S-XXL
Approx. weight - 190g

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